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Organisational, Team & Individual Neurology with Nick Matthews

Using a neurological diagnosis to clear obstacles & increase effectiveness

Better Focus, Better Decisions, Better Outcomes, - Delivering that Winning Competitive Edge

Nick Matthews International Speaker & Coach, MSc, CNHC, HPD, MNCH (reg), MNLP

Nick Matthews received a Royal Commission from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Nick has worked around the world and having endured personal, physical & mental extremes has used his learning and experiences to develop game changing mental strengthening programmes using organisational neurology to fundamentally change the performance of organisations and those who work in them. Using scientific based tools & evidence based techniques Nick shows organisations how to tap into hidden talents and extraordinary levels of quality and versatility.

Nick has perfected his organisational neurology programme across sectors working within and across boundaries including industry; not for profit; central & local government; the Church of England, the Military and with professional golfers; football players and musicians. Spanning so many disciplines has seen Nick take on the best in the world with unrivalled results.

Nick discards the standard theory of organisations as a mechanistic group of structures that determines the relationships between activities and members and presents the organisation as a living organism with a right to survive and thrive in a challenging world where the smallest margins are the difference between winning, losing and surviving.

As with the human body, if a part of that entity is impaired, the remainder will fortify itself, bring other facets into play and carry on. Whilst this allows the organism to function it is unsustainable and inefficient. Furthermore, Nick explains the neurology of that organism, in simple step by step terms, and how the failures are not always apparent to the neurological pathways and thought processes of its leadership which are intended to set and achieve the organisations, teams or individual goals.

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