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Organisational, Team & Individual Neurology with Nick Matthews

Using a neurological diagnosis to clear obstacles & increase your effectiveness

Better Focus, Better Decisions, Better Outcomes, - Delivering that Winning Competitive Edge

Nick Matthews Author, International Speaker & Coach, MSc, CNHC, HPD, MNCH (reg) 

Nick Matthews received a Royal Commission from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Nick has worked around the world and having endured personal, physical & mental extremes has used his learning and experiences to develop game-changing mental strengthening programs using organizational neurology to fundamentally change the performance of organizations and those who work in them. Using scientifically-based tools & evidence-based techniques Nick shows organizations how to tap into hidden talents and extraordinary levels of quality and versatility.

Nick has perfected his organizational neurology program across sectors working within and across boundaries including industry; not for profit; central & local government; the Church of England, the Military and with professional golfers; football players and musicians. Spanning so many disciplines has seen Nick take on the best in the world with unrivaled results.

We have forgotten the secrets of our ancestors and intruded on the processes that deliver life on Earth.

We are losing our place in the world, making it easier for nature to be destroyed. My work focusses on how we can develop and better use our minds to change both our internal and external views of the world before we destroy it.

Using ancient eastern philosophy combined with cutting edge western neurological science my work delivers a paradigm shift. Your neurology can deliver you your greatest failure or your greatest success. Become Unstoppable and make sure it’s your greatest success.

       •     Do you sabotage your own potential, happiness, and success? 

       •     Do you struggle to understand why you haven’t yet achieved your dreams? 

       •     Do your emotions cause you problems?


In his best selling book “BECOME UNSTOPPABLE” Nick presents a scientific-based neurological approach on how to “hack” your brain with innovative techniques. Using cutting edge NEUROPLASTICITY research from his clinic he will take you through a proven, step by step, process to rewire how, and why, you think to provide you with unstoppable methodologies for achieving success in your life.

Nick can give You, your Organisation or Team a competitive Winning Edge


Science-Based Approach To


Who I've Worked With

I have worked with corporates such as Fortune 500 and FTSE 100:

  • Coca Cola

  • Google

  • BP

  • BAE Systems

Professional Sports Teams/Individuals:

  • Footballers

  • English FA

  • Golfers

  • Tennis Players

Government Departmants:

MOD; NHS, DEFRA, Home Office, DfT

Not for Profit:

  • Notting Hill Genesis

  • Church of England Diocese of Leeds


Professional Musicians 

Organisational Neurology

Nick discards the standard theory of organisations as a mechanistic group of structures, that determines the relationships between activities and members. He presents the organisation as a living organism with a right to survive and thrive in a challenging world, where the smallest margins are the difference between winning, losing and surviving.

As with the human body, if a part of that entity is impaired, the remainder will fortify itself, bring other facets into play and carry on. Whilst this allows the organism to function, it is unsustainable and inefficient. Furthermore, Nick explains the neurology of that organism, in simple step by step terms. 

Organisational Neurology Delivers 



Nick has delivered keynote speeches and associated workshops around the world. He is well informed and able to tailor presentations to suit the needs of the client. He has the ability to interact with a wide range of people and is comfortable in any environment, including hands-on workshops, motivational speeches,  keynote addresses and facilitating conferences.  Nick has worked with Coca Cola, UK and USA Governments, the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy, The Football Association, FTSE 100 Companies and many professional sports teams.  Nick has a large social media following of over 1.5 million.

Nick is also a best selling author - BECOME UNSTOPPABLE.  Neuroplasticity based learning using Nick's research from his clinic.  FREE to Amazon Prime members

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Ignite Coaching Course

Cutting edge  neurological based Coaching through utilisation of Western neuro-scientific approaches combined with Eastern Philosophy - Where Western Science meets Eastern Philosophy. I will help you to realize and change your life.

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Neural Hacks

Science has known for years of the mind-body interface. Using this connection, we can reverse engineer solutions to some neurological problems.

For example, when stressed we talk inside our heads. The worse time for this is when we are trying to sleep!  The next time this happens try pressing the tip of your tongue behind your upper front teeth. The chatter in your head will stop! Try it.

Another hack is to try place a pencil or pen between your teeth. Make sure the pen isn’t touching your lips. Your brain will think you are smiling as you are using the same smile muscles to keep your lips away from the pen. This releases serotonin and oxytocin across your brain making you feel happy and your whole physiology changes.

These are just some simple hacks that I teach within my neurology transformation.

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