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Discovering Your Self-Confidence

Confidence advice that works

It’s a myth that winners don’t require any motivational or confidence advice. They require good self- assurance guidance frequently to keep up their motivational level. From the time you get your confidence advice make sure you apply it in order to transform the existing quality of your life.

Confidence is necessary to achieve success in life. Some effective confidence tips must be followed if you genuinely want to gain accomplishment in your work. So how do you build your confidence that will work for you in any situation?

Initially, make an effort to spend time with confident people. Their vigor and strength is so stirring that you will surely feel yourself more powerful just by listening to their talk. To build confidence it is vital that you are in the midst of self-assuring people. This will help you derive great confidence from them. All you have to do is ask them for good confidence advice.

Secondly, make sure that you find a mentor. All successful people have mentors in life, those who can efficiently guide you, advise you and also offer some confidence tips. The person can help you considerably and you can taste success more quickly than you ever imagined. Remember, two minds are always better than one!

Confidence is a Feeling!

Try to understand that confidence is just a feeling. Think about all the situations where you have felt confident. Such positive thoughts can make you confident in future. Sit down for a few minutes everyday and analyze the happenings during your day. Imagine all the things that make you feel certain. This can boost your morale and make you even more poise.

List all your reasons to be confident. Try and list all the qualities that have helped you to be confident today. Include your victories, skills and also mention about your goals. After you have done this you will see how powerful your analysis can be. It will make you feel even more confident.

The most important confidence advice must be preparation. Continuous preparation makes you perfect and you attain confidence. Have you ever watched a sportsperson playing effortlessly or stars performing live on stage? How do they give such a flawless performance? Preparation makes you more and more perfect. It is necessary that you keep honing your skills to achieve perfection and this automatically will augment your level of confidence.

Self Comparison

Self-comparison is another key to enhance your confidence. Learn to compare your progress in life with respect to your previous results. Look at other successful people and learn not to measure just your success. When you put in more efforts on the daily improvement of your individual skills and capabilities you can grow very rapidly and your confidence will surge.

Confidence without capability is a perilous combination. It is necessary that you only engage in self-comparison when you are assessing your development. By doing this you will make it easier when the going gets rough and your proficiency will grow day-by-day.

Reading this confidence advice will surely make you feel better. But remember that you must use these confidence tips to see results. You need to implement all these tips in your routine life to derive more success. So start using these tips right away.

Social settings assist you to find your confidence

Many of us are great and confident people among our own circle of friends and family. Then why is it that our confidence level diminishes when we are among another community or unfamiliar people? Socializing is good but many of us fail to enjoy it. Our minds are occupied with thoughts such as what others think about us, the tone of our skin, the hair, your outward appearance, the list is endless. There are people who get so conscious and petrified about how the world looks at them. Well, let me tell you, the world looks at you the way you portray yourself to them.

Self Belief

Today, not only adults but teenagers and children too, are finding it hard to believe in themselves and feel confident about who and what they are. Firstly, we all should learn to love and appreciate ourselves. It’s okay if we are not perfect, rather no one is perfect. We all have a distinctive quality that we can be proud of. There are a few people that lose confidence due to their own thoughts and assumptions, while some lose their confidence because of what someone else said to them. If someone made fun of your curly or wavy hair does not mean you start disliking it. It is that person who is insensitive and making some silly comments. Why should we give importance to such people who hardly matter in our life?

A person who frequently passes comments about others is someone who lacks something himself and is only trying to console himself by making others feel miserable about themselves. Taking the words of such people to heart is utter foolishness. Instead, look at your positive and good points and highlight them. Just because you are size zero, does not mean you give up wearing good clothes out of embarrassment. Instead, choose those outfits that compliment your body and feel confident about yourself when walking down the street.

It is fine if you are not able to follow the latest trend. Instead of feeling bad, it is nice to set your own style by doing things that goes well with you. Figure out your own skills and qualities and work on them. This will automatically help you boost your confidence. Stop being embarrassed at the comments passed by others. If you know what you are doing is right, go ahead with it without bothering yourself of what others will say or do.

Concentrating on what others are doing and how you can be like them will always keep you behind. Instead, work on yourself and boost your confidence to something unusual and different from the rest. Do not assume things and stop yourself from trying out new things in life.

Failure is Normal!

Remember, failure has been a part of everyone’s life and we all need to learn to deal with it. Failures will tell you where you need to improvise. Being prepared to take the risk is a sign of a confident person.

Instead of thinking and focusing on things you can’t do, it is best to work on things you can do and achieve. Small achievements in life bring satisfaction and pep up your confidence always. The next time you are out in public, feel and tell yourself that you are no less than anyone in the world and have your own qualities which you should be proud of. Feel this and you would see a change in the way the world sees you.

Working women can boost their confidence

Having confidence in the long term means having faith in oneself and one’s choices. However, you do need to boost your confidence a little every day to keep your long-term confidence strong. Boosting self-confidence is a common goal shared by most working women. The fact is that most professional women do not have very high self-confidence even if they appear to do so. There is an inner conflict going within them with their ‘inner critic’; that small nagging voice that says that you are not good enough, strong enough or smart enough. It has a strangle hold on just about everyone. This voice is in fact not subtle but is loud and menacing and can shatter your confidence. As a working woman you can try some of these strategies to boost your confidence and start feeling better right away.

Increase physical activity - If you use the lift take the stairs instead or walk up rather than use the escalator. When stopping your car park it some distance further and walk down from there. Start cycling. Physical exercise is good for the body and mind. It has tremendous benefits like clearing up the brain and the lungs, defusing anger and frustration and building up your strength and endurance. It is going energize you. You will look more attractive and beautiful because energy will enhance your appearance imparting a healthy glow to your looks and add a spring to your step. Therefore always be active.

Be careful how you dress – What you wear is what is first visible to others. Your clothes and the way you dress is a reflection of your aesthetic sense, taste and style. If you put on inappropriate clothes people will most likely be doubtful about your sense of judgment and ability to handle important matters. While dressing you must ask yourself how you would like others to perceive you. Think of the people you want to impress. All this is not about making a fashion statement. This is about what is appropriate and effective in a particular environment.

There are four things for you to remember about your dressing. The first is the fit of your clothes, then cleanliness, your shoes and the smile you wear. These are vital factors. Whatever clothes you buy whether they are designer clothes, high street or any other you must ensure that they fit you well. Your dresses should always be clean and there should not be any pulls, missing buttons or stray threads hanging around. Your shoes should be decent, well soled and polished. And you must always wear a bright smile to project a positive image.

Do breathing exercises – Stand straight and breathe deeply. Search for peace inside you. With life’s pace being so hectic, peace is a scarce commodity, as people are pressed for time, overloaded with information multitasking all the time, living a suffocating life. To get out of this try to focus on whom you are. Breathe from your belly like babies. You can do this anywhere like in the lift, toilet, or even in the midst of people to calm yourself and increase your focus.

Mastering these techniques will boost your confidence as you surge forward in your career as a working woman.

Your sex appeal can be your confidence booster

Sex appeal can make you stand out of the crowd and come across as the most happening person around. Confidence plays an important role in the dating game as well as otherwise. A person who can carry himself smartly is the one who is impressive and looked upon. You need not be a person with perfect figure or physique to stand apart from the crowd. You only need to learn to highlight your best qualities and create a style for self.

If you are confident from within, it shows in the way you walk, talk and present yourself. Learn to recognize what goes best on you. Once you know your strong points you can flaunt them.

Before you step out of your home, look into the mirror and tell yourself that you are looking gorgeous and out of this world. Step out with confidence and feel that you are amongst the best looking in the town. Know that you deserve the best and you will get it.

Pamper yourself and that will help you boost your sex appeal and indirectly the confidence in you as well. Buy yourself the best clothes. Ladies, paint your nails, go to the parlor for a makeover, do all that, and it will make you look and feel the best. Go for styles that show the best in you. You can take tips and suggestions from your friends or experts to make you look even better. When people start noticing your sex appeal, your confidence will instantly get a boost. However, make sure you do not get overconfident, as that will only drive people away from you.

Finding Your Self-Confidence

If you treat yourself well, then others will do so. If you start counting yourself among good looking people and treat yourself well by keeping your self respect, people will treat you the same way. If you come across as unconfident and a person with no substance, you would not been seen as an impressive personality. Personality is not about having a fair or clear skin, being fat or thin. It is all about carrying yourself with confidence. This confidence comes when you start dressing well, and start believing that you have something appealing that can attract people.

How you feel about yourself also depends on what kind of people you surround yourself with. Spending more time among people who are negative or make you feel low and ugly will certainly make you like that. It is always good to be among chirpy and positive people who can boost your confidence. Don’t dress the way the trend is at the moment, but choose something that will make you comfortable and look hot. Create you own style statement.

It is necessary to spend time doing things that give you joy. This will make you feel happy from within and will automatically reflect on your face, making it glow. Thus, to enhance your looks it is necessary for you to look great from within. Learn to be approachable and open up with friends. Staying aloof will only make you go unnoticed. Develop confidence in your speech, walk, and everything that you do.

To come across as appealing you need to love yourself, polish your personality, and be confident. Taking care of these things will make a tremendous positive change in your life.

Accepting the truth - A great step to building your confidence

“Self-confidence gives you the freedom to make mistakes and cope with failure without feeling that your world has come to an end or that you are a worthless person.”

The world respects Abraham Lincoln, but did you know that he had dabbled in two business ventures and failed in them? A déjà vu repeated when he lost eight different elections that resulted in a nervous breakdown. What transpired later is a known fact to everyone. He was designated as the president of United States. Sounds like a saga out of a fairy tale, isn’t it? But, yes his story of absolute confidence portrays how you need to accept things and keep moving on in life. You must hold your dreams tight and eventually you will see them come true.

This may be an anecdote that must have conquered the minds of many. If you study Lincoln’s conquest in his search of success, you can see that he never lost control over his confidence. Yes, you may argue that he was subjugated by a nervous breakdown. But it was not the end of road for him. He recuperated from his state and went on to make history. His astounding success was mainly due to the fact that he accepted the truth of his failures.

Finding Your Self-Confidence - Acceptance

Every individual, irrespective of being successful or not, has to accept his imperfections. This can be the biggest gateway for his/her success. You need to realize that there is absolutely no harm in accepting the truth about your deficiencies. We all have been given an opportunity to work on our discrepancies. Rather than showcasing an impertinent attitude, we must make a keen effort to hone our skills in the areas we lack in.

Suppose you have an important presentation at your workplace. You have painstakingly done your homework and are confident enough that you will deliver an implausible presentation. All goes well except for a few critics who don’t seem to be much impressed by your way of thinking. They give you their feedback. Now, this situation can make anybody furious, since you have put in a lot of hard work anticipating high credits from the senior officials of the company. The essential thing that you need to do here is stay cool. Once you are alone, analyze what went wrong. Don’t make a negative impression of people who have commented on your presentation. It might completely put you off and you may never regain the confidence for future endeavors.

Try ways of how you can improve yourself on the points you seem to lack. Work on the same and make an attempt to explain the reworked facts to your seniors. Well, at the end of the day you might be proud enough to leave your workplace after garnering accolades and praises!

It’s all about how you put your mind in the thinking process. Accepting the truth will only boost your self-esteem and thereby build your confidence level. Rather than possessing an egocentric outlook, it’s good to accept the ground realities of your personality. After all, magic never happens with magicians alone, it can even happen to you, and that too, all in a day’s work.

Alternative self confidence techniques you can experiment with

Self-confidence plays an important role in every individual’s life. It is a key to success and can earn respect and appreciation. Confidence is a feeling of trust to believe in your own potentials and abilities. It is what it takes to accomplish a task successfully. Fearing things around you will only bring failure and disappointment and so it is essential to overcome your fears and develop self-confidence.

Hypnosis - Finding Your Self-Confidence

There are a few people who are very self confident, but do not succeed in life. There are many who possess self-confidence naturally, which they use effectively in whatever they do. Initially, there were no such techniques to help people boost their confidence. However, today the scenario is different and one can gain confidence with the help of hypnosis. Yes, it is true that with hypnosis you can learn and build a sense of confidence. Hypnosis is nothing but a state of mind that let’s you focus on something specific, while you relax. With the help of hypnosis, you can guide your mind to be confident. Your subconscious mind is an inner net working place, where long term changes could be brought about even without your knowledge.

You can either practice hypnosis yourself to look confident or opt for a trained professional, who will help you gain confidence with the latest techniques. Once your mind is focused, the expert will guide you to be confident and let you practice few exercises to gain a confident life. The success rate of hypnosis changing people’s lives for the better is far more than you can imagine. So, you should try out these techniques, where experts guide you to follow and bring about the desired change. Try my CBH Hypnosis Genius program and teach yourself and others the power of hypnosis at: I am an accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist and you can find details of my training and my membership with the oldest hypnotherapy authority in Europe at the National Hypnotherapy Council (NCH) at:

Hypnosis is actually an easy and trustworthy process and a great alternative to build your self- confidence. Another alternative is changing your perception. Yes, it makes a big difference at the way you look at life. The world looks at you, the way you portray yourself to them. If you feel confident, it will be shown in your actions. Everything seems hard at the first time. However, the moment you start practicing it, all becomes easier. To build self-confidence is just the same.

You may find it hard to develop it at first, but once you gain confidence and have it in you, you can change the world around you.

Fearing rejection or failure will certainly make you unsuccessful. However, taking risks and being bold would turn your failure to success.

Remember, your failures would guide you further to take a step ahead and help you work and improvise on your weaknesses. A self- confident person is always ready to take risk and at the same time is prepared to accept both failure and success. Being realistic will help you accept the failures easily. Trust me, there is no person who has been successful without tasting failure. Thus, learn to take the risk and you can move ahead in life.

Instead of focusing more on your weaknesses, it is best to focus on your strengths and see how you can make them to work. Each individual has a distinctive quality that can make him/her stand apart in the crowd. You need to realize it and polish it to achieve your goals. Each achievement will boost your confidence urging you to do even better every time.

Try loving yourself and feel good about what you are. Change the perception of your life, which will help you progress and develop self-confidence.

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