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How Your Thinking Creates Your Reality

By Nick Matthews

At birth, your brain is filled with billions of neural links. These are physical electrical conduits that move information around your body. It is this process that dictates How Your Thinking Creates Your Reality. Some of these messages we are aware of through negative thoughts that we constantly bombard ourselves with, voices from what seems to be from the back of our head! Other messages are sub conscious and we are not even aware of them. For instance, what makes you breathe or drive your blood around your body? These all need messages for this work to happen. Your values and beliefs are mainly sub conscious and much of our behavior and success is determined by these built in procedures. It is these neural links or thought patterns that have been developed throughout your life that are defining your present position in life. From birth your “map of the world” was being influenced by your rearing, your schooling and the values and beliefs of your relatives and those people close to you.

Your neural links were being set in a specific design and as such your behavior and success was beginning to become restricted. You see your body receives millions of bits of information per second through your 5 senses; sight, hearing, feeling, smell and taste. Your neural links have set up your senses to filter out 99 % of this information coming to you every second. Accordingly, you generalize, delete and distort these messages to suit your reality and yet we know that this reality doesn’t exist! It is a construct of your existing view of the world. A view that has not, to date, delivered for you what you truly want out of life. The good news is that following this program will help you to develop new neural links so that your reality becomes wider, your choices will increase considerably, and your achievements will become realizable.

In addition to changing your neural filter systems we will also need to consider any blocks or thought problems that are maintaining you in a stuck state which in many cases has become a Groundhog Day for relationships, career improvement, spiritual and financial success and health. We also need a guided Deep Relaxation to help us relax and make root changes to the sub conscious filters of deletion, distortion and generalization.

The diagram below shows in picture format the process described above and in essence is how your thoughts, values and beliefs have created your present reality. A supporting video can be seen on my YouTube channel at:

What you perceive, what you do to that perception through your filters, and what this ultimately gets you.

The methodology used to change your reality is a perfectly safe process, which we utilize on a daily basis without even knowing it; the methodology just applies proven scientific structure into the change work. The combinations of ancient eastern philosophy, stoicisim, evidenced based approach to Dialectic Cognitive Behavioral Change, structured assessment and diagnostics provides a paradigm shift in the delivery of personal change unequaled anywhere else in the world today.

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