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What do Past Life Memories feel like?…

A perspective from an Outlander!

I am frequently asked this. People can experience them in different ways, but for me personally, this is how I experience them…

You know those moments when you step into total present awareness? It’s those times when you step into the right here, right now, and become so focused on what’s happening around you that it imprints that moment into your memory permanently? Whenever you wish to, you can recall that memory with absolute clarity, and nothing about your recall of it ever changes…

Well… a couple of weeks ago I sat in my garden and consciously focused on bringing myself into that place of pure present awareness. I saw – I mean really saw – the plants around me, the texture of the leaves, the way they swayed in the breeze, I could hear the birds chirping and a bird swooped overhead. I was aware of so much detail, and certainly much more than at other times when I have sat in that same garden chair and allowed my mind to wander. I was not fully present during those other times, and therefore don’t have much recall of them.

I’ve had many memories of pure present awareness throughout my life. I can recall specific childhood and adult memories with absolute clarity. However, I don’t recall everything else that happened on those particular days. I only have clarity about everything contained within those moments when I am fully present in the now.

In the same way, I don’t remember what happened during the remainder of the day I sat in the garden. Did I go to the gym that morning? I don’t know. What did I have for dinner that evening? I don’t know. All I do know with absolute clarity is that I sat in my garden for a few minutes and merged with everything around me in a state of pure conscious awareness. As a result, I can be right back there in that moment, simply by accessing that memory. Doing so brings a flood of everything contained within those moments… I can access everything, including how I felt emotionally and physically.

I believe it’s these moments that remain imprinted on our soul, and carry through from lifetime to lifetime, waiting to be remembered…

Nothing about those memories change when I recall them at a later time. So those moments, for me personally, are ‘complete’snippets of time… they don’t only contain information on where I was, what I was wearing, and who I was with, they also contain information on how I was feeling, what I was thinking… they are an all encompassing experience of that exact moment in time. And there is something about being fully in the present moment that makes it so different to the countless days we can spend thinking about the past or the future, while life passes by…

For me, past life memories are exactly the same. They are complete snippets of time that I can remember with absolute clarity. I can be there in that moment again in an instant. Except I am in another body, sometimes another gender, in another time, another culture… but my consciousness remains the same – I am still me.

Both Yorkshire in England and in Sedona Arizona have held so many past life memories for me. I have walked this land and known without any shadow of a doubt that I have been in a particular place before. I experience flashback moments, like deja vu, where just for a couple of seconds I flash back into my previous life here. I’m walking on the same ground, but in a different body, a different time. My surroundings are different, even though I’m in the same place. In that moment I know who I am, what I am wearing, and most profoundly, I know how I felt emotionally at the time I am recalling. I get a sense of my entire self – my life, my levels of happiness, my family, who I am and what I stand for. These moments last just a few seconds, though I have had one last for 15 minutes which was somewhat surreal. The clarity they contain is incredible, and they feel exactly the same as crystal clear memories from this lifetime. In fact they feel so real, that it’s difficult to differentiate that they are even from a different lifetime. They simply feel like experiences of my soul along the same timeline.

I have many past life memories. My first came to me with incredible clarity at the age of nine. Those memories are still exactly as they were back then. Since then, I have remembered many other lives too. The most profound for me was my past life right in Arizona. So deep was the calling for me to come back that it was to determine how this lifetime was to unfold for me too.

Do you feel a deep spiritual connection to a special place too? Would you like to explore this?… because I am passionate about helping you do exactly that.

I can offer you a Past Life Regression session over zoom, Skype or facebook private video wherever you are in the world. For more information on my Past Life Regression sessions, email me at

Or you could join me on one of my Spiritual Awakening events in Yorkshire in England or in Sedona, Arizona again email me at

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